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Food is one of the largest consumers of packaging materials. However, there is a vast diversity and individual influences in the food packaging market. Innovations remain a vital driving force behind the dynamic nature of the food industry and the food packaging market. More and more companies are concentrating on reducing the volume of packaging materials. Packaging has been becoming smaller, and multipack with flexibility and transparency is proving a key attribute. Cost reduction strategies are also driving some of the innovations.
Beyond the role of providing a barrier against the invasion of microorganisms, food packaging now provides various pivotal functions such as active packaging, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), edible films and coatings, smart and intelligent packaging etc.
Materials substitution is also becoming a new norm, where traditional materials are reshaping and repositioning themselves, while new and advanced materials are spearheading in the market. Bioplastic, recycled, renewable materials, high-performance barrier materials and holographic foil are some of the few trends influencing food packaging landscape.
The report addresses the following key issues:
How will the global food packaging market perform over the next ten years?
Which type of packaging has the highest market share and its future position status?
How are the brand owners choosing packaging types?

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